The #1 Event For Growing Your Credit Repair Business
The Life You Want, The Marriage You Want, The Family That You Want... It Will All Be Fueled By The Business That You Create...
 May 3-5, 2018 Silicon Beach, Los Angeles
Hosted by
“We’ve Got BIG Plans For You At This Year’s Credit Repair Expo!”  
Join Credit Repair Cloud and hundreds of other amazing Credit Repair Business Owners at this year’s CREDIT REPAIR EXPO
May 3th-5th, 2018
Los Angeles, California
*Plus: Special Exclusive All-Day VIP Workshop with Derrick Harper, Credit Repair Multi-Millionaire on May 6, 2018
 Event & Location
Credit Repair Expo will be held at The Courtyard by Marriott Hotel Los Angeles Westside, Silicon Beach May 3-5, 2018 (followed by an additional bonus VIP Workshop event added on May 6 -- see below for details).  Event registration is Thursday May 3 at at 5pm, to pick up your name badge.  (*No pets allowed, event badges are required to enter the showroom ).
Courtyard Marriott
6333 Bristol Parkway, Culver City, California 90230
It's 5-10 mins from LAX Airport!

“Silicon Beach” is the Westside region of the Los Angeles metropolitan area that is home to over 500 tech companies. including Google, Microsoft, Yahoo!, YouTube, BuzzFeed, Facebook, Salesforce, AOL, Electronic Arts, Beats Audio, SnapChat and Credit Repair Cloud. It is minutes from LAX and close to everywhere you want to be.
 10 Reasons Why You Should Attend
  • Network: Meet and learn secrets from people just like you who now make millions of dollars at credit repair.
  • Discover: new tools and methods that you can instantly implement to improve your business and increase your revenue.
  • See: Explore a new city and have fun!
  •  Investment: Invest in yourself, your career and your company. There’s nothing like being in a room of like-minded high achievers.
  • Get pumped: Renew your motivation and excitement about the work you do. 
  • Make alliances: Meet online friends and colleagues face to face
  • Connect: Meet thought-leaders and gurus within our industry, 
  • Continuing Education: Learn industry trends and how they’re implemented.
  •  Positioning: Position yourself as an expert in your field by being active with other experts in your field.
  •  Because you should be here:  It's going to be AWESOME!
 Speakers Include
Daniel Rosen
Credit Repair Cloud
Founder and CEO
Keenan Jones
Credit Repair Cloud
COO and Marketing Expert
Derrick Harper, Sr.
Credit Repair Multi-Millionaire
Credit Repair University
Credit Repair Business Expert
Todd Newton
Emmy Award Winning TV Host,
Expert on Branding, Marketing 
and Sales
Ty Crandall
Credit Suite
Business Credit Expert
Andre Coakley
Credit Repair Millionaire
Credit Repair Expert
Customer Service
Jose Rodriguez
Credit Repair Millionaire
Credit Repair Expert
Team Building
Kenneth Kandell
Alternative Revenue Solutions
Credit Monitoring
Tanmay Dev
Credit Repair Cloud
Chief Technical Officer
"CRC: State of the Union"
Dave Lindenbaum
Affiliate and Viral Marketing Expert on How To Leverage Traffic
Krista Mashore
Top Realtor in California

Author, Motivational Speaker 
Dan Benveniste
How To Become A 
Personal Finance Coach
Jim McDonald
"The Client Experience"
As seen on The Late Show 
with David Letterman
Shawn Silver
CEO of PaymentCloud 
Expert on Merchant Accounts & Chargeback Prevention
 Roger Chlowitz
Expert on Merchant Accounts & Chargeback Prevention
Devon Brown
Internet Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker & Emcee
Ron Howard
CEO of Sotellus
Mastering Social Media Reviews
Bruce Politano
Founder of Student Loan Support Services, speaking on 
Student Loans 101
Bill Butler
Founder of Rental Kharma, Self Lender, and Credit Builder Card. Expert on maintaining & building personal credit
Surprise Guest

Day 1

Thurs, May 3, 2018

Travel Day 
5 PM Registration
530 PM Networking

The party starts on Thursday! Plan to arrive Thursday afternoon/evening so that you can register for the event and beat the lines.  
Day 2

Fri, May 4, 2018

8 AM Registration
9 AM Start

You'll want to wear smart business attire, because we will be shooting complimentary professional headshots for everyone!
Day 3

Sat, May 5, 2018

8 AM Registration
9 AM Start
"Millionaires Club Awards"
Cinco De Mayo Dinner and Margarita Party

You'll want to wear smart business attire, because we will be shooting complimentary professional headshots for everyone!
*Day 4

Sunday, May 6, 2018

9 AM Registration
10 AM Start

Derrick Harper Day!
*Exclusive Special
Private All-Day Workshop covering business automation, advanced tactics building your business and more, with Derrick Harper, credit repair multi-millionaire.
Don't miss this very special event!

*See below for details

For everyone at the event:  The WIFI Password is creditrepair  :) 
Sunday May 6 10 AM (includes lunch)
*Special Exclusive All-Day VIP Workshop with Derrick Harper
Founder of Credit University and Credit Repair Multi Millionaire

This workshop is a don't miss event
Implement what you learn here to instantly 
accelerate your business to the next level! 
Grab a later flight out and spend the entire day with the amazing Mr. Derrick Harper, Sr., for an in-depth workshop and coaching session to learn the methods, strategies and automations that turned Mr. Harper into a Credit Repair Multi-Millionaire. 

Includes:  5 hour workshop with in-depth coaching, dissecting proven sales scripts, affiliate scripts, using local scrapers, little-known scoring secrets, and advanced business automations. Gain valuable insight into his unique methods for gaining amazing results and learn his brilliant business automations that you can immediately use to take your business to the next level and multiply your current revenue. 
 *This special VIP Workshop event has an additional fee, limited seating and will sell out fast.

***PS: We've learned that some folks have earlier flights, so we have decided to eliminate the 90 minute lunch break and instead have catered lunch for you IN THE EVENT ROOM, this will help us to end by 3 (instead of 430), so folks will be able to make earlier flights out!
LAX airport is 5-10 minutes away from Credit Repair Expo!

 Who Should Attend?
  •  Credit Professionals
  •  Attorneys
  •  Auto Dealers
  •  Financial Services
  •  Credit Counselors
  •  Mortgage Brokers
  •  Home Entrepreneurs
  •  Industry Experts
  •  Realtors
  •  Credit Repair Companies
  •  Credit Repair Outsourcing
  •  Industry Leaders
  •  Consumer Protection
  •  Tax Preparers
  •  Marketing Agencies
  •  Financial Planners
 What is the Millionaires Club?
We'll be handing out these awards 
to more than a dozen people at
Credit Repair Expo
M  E  M  B  E  R  S
Derrick Harper
Point Boosters Credit Repair
Atlanta, GA
Andre Coakley
Credit360 Credit Repair
Miami, FL
Dominique Brown
Bristow, VA
Tara Ashley-Gable
Integrated Loan Assistance
Lakewood, CO
Keith B. Davis
Lightning Credit Solutions
Los Angeles, CA
Roger Segura
World Wide Credit Experts LLC
Atlanta, GA
Do you belong on this list?
We've identified about 15 of you, so far, but you're very hard to reach, so please click here to get your award...
Want to meet credit repair millionaires who'll show you how they got there?

Hurry, tickets are selling out! 

 Credit Repair Expo FAQs
I'm Trying To Book My Travel, What Are The Dates Of "Credit Repair Expo 2018"?
Registration starts on May 3, and the event is happening May 4-5. There is also an (optional) extra event on May 6, a Private Mastermind with Derrick Harper. We recommend arriving on May 3, so you register and be rested for the morning meeting on May 4. Most folks will check out on Sunday May 6. If you are staying for the extra Mastermind with Derrick Harper, you can store your bags at the front desk and get a later flight out. The Mastermind should end by 4 PM and LAX is less than 10 minutes away.  
What Is The Venue For The Event? 
The event will be held at The Courtyard by Marriott Hotel Los Angeles Westside. Book your room here.  (*please note: no pets are allowed). We recommend booking your flight to arrive at least the day or evening prior so you can register and be well rested and ready for the event.
Can I Bring My Spouse Or A Guest?
Because of our VERY limited seating, every person must purchase a pass to get into the event.  
 Can I Get A Refund If I Can't Attend?
Because of the limited availability of seats for the event, you must notify our office 30 days before the event so we can resell it to someone on the waiting list.
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